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Our company has built a successful history since 1983 deeming local resources, Turkish engineering, technology, skill and the hard work of Turkish labour as our capital. Our company has undersigned an initiative in its field and has pioneered its successors. Turkey was importing this group of machinery 15 years ago but today we are exporting, in considerable amounts, to these very countries under the brand name Murat.

In today′s global world Murat Machinery has become a leading means of investment as well as a prestigious choice, both in domestic and foreign markets. Even during the period of Turkey′s economic crisis, Murat Machinery never departed from its original style and impeccable quality. As a company preserving this kind of quality, Murat Machinery has held the leadership in this sector and broadened its achievements to international levels, which has lead to it′s recognition of quality, globally. Today our company has a market share covering 65 countries including the European Union and the USA.

Murat Machinery has a factory covering 8500 square meters and a crew of 150 professionals. It produces technologically advanced PVC production machines and fulfils all industrial requirements and standards.

Considering the statistics, in the last 3 years the company has achieved an excellent growth rate of 77% on the average.

Our research group utilizes all the latest of technology developments available in order to keep it at the cutting edge. In the last three years our company produced and sold 4800 machines of various types and has a turnover in excess of 20 million dollars. In the near future it will surpass these figures by producing more advances machines in order to turn our leadership within Turkey into a global one. We have the courage to say this because of past success, our ability and the confidence we have in our quality and staff.

Since we aim very high and are determined to add more to our success, we merged with Elumatec Turkey in October 2005 who is now a 50% shareholder of Murat Machinery. This partnership will add strength to our marketing strategies and technological developments.

Murat Machinery today, and in the coming future, under the leadership of MURAT BUDA and HULUSI BULDUK and with it′s very specially selected team of professionals, are very pleased to be of service to you.

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